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Eudragit: Versatile Polymer for Controlled Drug Deliverys

Author (s): G.Anusha

Viswalab Singapore Pvt. Ltd., Laboratory Analyst II, 80 Tagore Lane, Singapore 787501


Poly (meth) acrylates are known worldwide in the industry under the trade name Eudragit. These polymers allow the active ingredients in solid dosage form to perform during the passage of the human body. The flexibility to combine the different polymers enables to achieve the desired drug release profile by releasing the drug at the right place and at the right time over a desired period of time. Other important functions are protection from external environments like pH, moisture or taste/odor masking to increase patient compliance. The range of product portfolio provides full flexibility for targeted drug release profiles by offering best performance for enteric, protective or sustained-release properties.

Keywords: Eudragit, enteric effect, modified elease, coating.

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