Manuscript Status

Manuscript StatusSubmission DateTitleAuthor(s)Status
2020-01-01-00129-Dec-2019A rp-hplc method development and validation for the estimation of atorvastatin in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage formsSaroj Kumar Raul1*, Gopal Pandhy2, Kailasam Jagadish1, Neelima Gurubarik1Under Review
2020-01-01-00229- Dec- 2019RP-HPLC method for the simultaneous estimation of aspirin and omeprazole in bulk and tablet dosage formV. Anil Kumar1, Soraj Kumar Raul1, Gopal Krishna Padhy2*Published
2020-01-01-00330-Dec- 2019Doe-based optimization strategy in multicomponent hplc analysis for determination of anti-viral drugs in combined dosage forms.Saroj Kumar Raul 1* , Gopal Pandhy 2 , Kailasam Jagadish 1 , Neelima Gurubarik 1Published
2020-01-01-00430-Dec- 2019Angiogenic toxicity study and chromatographic estimation for methanolic extract of heliconia psittacorumLopamudra AdhikariPublished
2020-01-01-00530-Dec- 2019Phytochemical estimation and anti- hemorrhoidal activity of ficus benghalensis linn. Prop root extractReshma Chatterjee, Swapnil Patil, Alakh N Sahu*Published
2020-01-01-00630-Dec- 2019Formulation and evaluation of oral soft gel of metformin: a patient friendly dosage formMukesh.C. Gohel1, Rajesh K. Parikh1, Subhankari Mishra2, Ashutosh Mohapatra3*Published
2020-01-01-00730-Dec- 2019Drugs and cosmetics act, 1940 and interpretation of definitionsSudarsan BiswalPublished