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Simultaneous Determination of Albendazole and Praziquantel Using Zero Order Spectrophotometry Absorbance correction Methods in Veterinary Pharmaceutical Formulation.

Author (s): Suddhasattya Dey, Robina Khatun, Rajiv Jash, Shreya Shah, Pankaj Dagur, Padmacharan Behera
, Sourav Khawas and Anirban Nandi

Department of Pharmacy, Sanaka Educational Trust`s Group of Institutions, West
Bengal713212, India.
Sigma Institute of Pharmacy, Bakrol, Vadodara, Gujrat, India.
Jharkhand Rai University, Ratu Rd, Kamre, Ranchi Jharkhand 835222.
Bengal College Of Pharmaceutical Technology Dubrajpur, birbhum, West Bengal.


The present study describes a simple, accurate, precise and cost effective UV-VIS Spectrophotometric method for the estimation of albendazole (ABZ) and praziquantel (PZQ) by absorbance correction method. The simultaneous determination of albendazole (ABZ) and praziquantel (PZQ) was performed by absorbance correction method using two different wavelengths i.e. 217nm & 295.4nm. Both the drugs were dissolved in methanol for estimation. A linear response was observed in the range of 4-14μg/ml with a regression coefficient of 0.999. The method was then validated for different parameters as per the ICH (International Conference for Harmonization) guidelines. The detection limits (LOD = 4 μg/ml for both the drugs) for absorbance correction method were determined and presented the best analytical features. The recoveries of ABZ and PZQ from the synthetic samples were near to 100 ± 5%. The methods were applied in veterinary pharmaceutical formulation whose mass ratio ABZ: PZQ is 12:1; the results obtained were according to nominal content.

Keywords: Albendazole, Praziquantel, UVVIS, Absorbance Correction Method, LOD.

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