Volume 3 Issue 1

Published Articles:-

  1. Chronotherapeutics and Drug Delivery: A Review Dhananjay Panigrahi [01-10]
  2. Techniques and Carriers used in Solubility Enhancement of Drugs: An Extensive Review Malaya Kumar Dalai, Ashutosh Sahu, Soumyaranjan Prusty, Ruchita Kumari Patr [11-39]
  3. Eudragit: Versatile Polymer for Controlled Drug Delivery G. Anusha [40-55]
  4. In-Vitro Anthelmintic Activity of the Roots and Leaves Extracts of Neolamarckia Cadamba and Nyctanthes ArborTristis Plants on Earthworm – A Comparative Study Amitder Nath Chatterjee, Barsha Giri [56-62]
  5. Solubility Enhancement of Efavirenz by Solid DispersionTechniques using Soluplus as Hydrophilic Carrier Ajit Nahak, Ruchita Kumari Patra, Soudamini Mallick [63-70]
  6. Formulation and Evaluation of Celecoxib In Situ Ophthalmic Gel Asish Kumar Sahu, Ajit Kumar Acharya, Amiya Bhusan Mishra [71- 78]
  7. Phytochemical and anti-microbial investigations on Oroxylum indicum Padma Charan Behera, Sourav Khawas, Arya Ghosh, Manik Ghosh, Prasanta Kumar Choudhury [79-86]

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