Volume 2 Issue 1 Article 2

Review Article

A Literature Review: Non-Recycled and Recycled Polycarbonate / Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene Blends

Author: Saumya Sephali Swain1, Aparna Mohapatra1, Satyajit Das1, Aswini Kumar Mohapatra2*

Abstract: This literature review on Polycarbonate (PC) / Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) blend represents a systematic and relevant background investigation on the various properties like mechanical, morphological and thermal properties of PC/ABS blends. This study also provides information about the reactive compatibilizers and flame retardants on the properties of virgin as well as recycled PC/ABS blends. The effects of the inherent properties of the materials ABS and PC on the blends also discussed. The variation of rubber content in ABS and their role on property change of blend.  Some experimental factors to increase the miscibility were also studied. The variations in the PC and ABS blend compositions and their effects on the compatibility, methods of preparation and the physical properties are reported.

Keywords: PC, ABS, PC/ABS Blends, Compatibilizers, Flame Retardants, Recycled PC/ABS.

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