Volume 2 Issue 1 Article 7

Research Article

Activity of Basella alba in the Protection of Peptic Ulcer on Experimental Rat Model

Author:  Itishree Mohanty1, Satyapriya Mahapatra2*,Archana Panigrahi2, Ghanshyam Panigrahi2

Abstract:  Peptic ulcer is a common GI disorder that affects up to 20 % of the world population. Treatment of it remains challenging due to the limited effectiveness and side effects of the currently available drugs. Hence, natural medicinal compounds are becoming popular potential candidates in preventing and treating peptic ulcers. Flavonoids the phytoconstituents exhibit gastroprotective effects against peptic ulcers both in vivo and in vitro. In this study, we summarized the anti-ulcer functions of Basella alba which contain bioflavonoid in both pyloric ligation ulcer and aspirin-induced ulcer model in rats. The results of the study indicate the ethanolic extract of Basella Alba (EEBA) has possessed ulcer protective effects dose-dependently. The EEBA at 200 and 400 mg/kg dose levels showed a significant lowering in ulcer index. There was no significant difference found between the dose of 400 mg/kg of EEBA and ranitidine treated animals.

Keywords: Peptic ulcer, pyloric ligation ulcer, aspirin induced ulcer, Basella alba.

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