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Statistically compared spectrophotometric analytical methods for the estimation of an anti-spasmodic drug and its application to pharmaceuticals

Author (s): Sasmita Kumari Acharjya*, Sanat Kumar Dash, N. Khirod Kumar, Satyanarayan Tripathy, Atyurmila Chakraborty


Statistically compared three analytical methods, like UV (Method I), first derivative (Method II) and AUC−spectrophotometric (Method III), were developed and validated by using 0.1N HCl as solvent for the assay of an anti-spasmodic drug i.e. Tiemonium metylsulphate (TMS) and also the methods were applied to its different pharmaceuticals for analysis. Response of the drug (extension/(dA/dλ) or AUC) was recorded at 235 nm, 248 nm and in the wavelength range of 230−240 nm against concentration for Method I, Method II and Method III, respectively and all the methods showed linearity in the concentration range of 2.5-80.0 μg/ml with correlation coefficient (r2) value of 0.999. The methods were validated as per the parameters suggested by the International Conference on Harmonization and all the validation parameters were within the acceptable range. The proposed statistically verified analytical spectroscopic methods can be applied fruitfully for quantitative analysis of TMS in its different pharmaceutical dosages.

Keywords: Tiemonium metylsulphate, First derivative, AUC−spectrophotometric, Statistical comparison

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