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Review Article

Current trends for preparation of solid dispersion

Author (s): S. Mallick*, Ruchita Kumari Patra, P. N. Murthy


This review describes different types of solid dispersions and recent techniques for their preparation. The solid dispersions are mainly classified into two types such as sustained release solid dispersions and fast release solid dispersions. Further, fast release type solid dispersions are classified into simple eutectic mixtures, glass solution, solid solution, amorphous form of drug in a crystalline host and compound or complex form of solid dispersions. Solvent method, melting method , melting-solvent method, solvent wetting, spray drying, freeze drying, low temperature melting method, dropping method , super critical fluid (SCF) technology , hot melt extrusion and melt agglomeration process are usually used for preparation of solid dispersions . This review also concludes that solid dispersion methods can be used in industrial production.


Solid dispersions, solubility, bioavailability, dissolution.

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