2021, Volume 2 Issue 3 – Article 6


Formulation and Evaluation of Lisinopril Fast Dissolving Tablets Using 
 Natural Superdisintegrants 

Author (s): Deepak Kumar Panda, Subham Panigrahy, Madhusudan Dash, Suneli Devi,
Rajeshree Panigrahi

Royal College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Berhampur, India.


Fast dissolving tablets are highly accepted fast growing drug delivery system. The main objective of this study was to formulate and evaluate the fast-dissolving tablets of lisinopril using natural super disintegrants. Various formulations were prepared by direct compression using different concentrations of natural super disintegrant i.e., oats powder. The tablets were evaluated for weight variation, hardness, friability, in vitro disintegration time and drug release characteristics. Hardness indicated good mechanical strength around 3-4 kg/cm2 for all the batches. The results of in vitro disintegration time indicated that the tablets dispersed rapidly in mouth within 40 secs. It was concluded that super disintegrants addition technique is a useful method for preparing orally disintegrating tablets by direct Compression method.

Keywords: Lisinopril, natural super disintegrants, Direct compression, fast dissolving tablets.

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